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Can I recoat the area every year to keep it looking new?

Yes, if you want your driveway to look in pristine condition at all times, you can recoat. Remember, subsequent coats are likely to require less material to rejuvenate a driveway.

Can it be used on new tarmac?

Yes, however we recommend that new tarmac is left for at least 30days before applying PICSCOAT. In any event, ensure that all oily residue is gone from the surface as this may affect the bond.

Does the tarmac have to be structurally sound?

No. PICSCOAT will rejuvenate any driveway, but it’ll only make the area a uniform colour and will not solve any structural issues

Can it be used on concrete?

Yes. The concrete must be fully cleaned and dry prior to application. Remember that concrete is grey and PICSCOAT is black and any wear may show through.

We live in Britain! What does the weather have to be like to apply PICSCOAT?

To be safe, we recommend temperatures of 10° C or more, however it can be applied in lower temperatures. Remember, until it’s dry, you have to stay off the area and if it rains before it dries all the area may have to be recoated when it’s fully dry. Cooler temperatures will extend drying times. PICSCOAT cannot be used at less than 7°C.

What happens if it rains before the PICSCOAT has fully dried?

The PICSCOAT may get washed away and you may be left with a milky white residue in places. If it does rain, the area may have to be recoated when the surface is fully dry.

Can it be used on damp surfaces?

To be safe, we recommend dry surfaces although a little dampness won’t be a problem regarding aesthetics, bonding or long term product performance

Will it harm my children or my pets?

No, PICSCOAT is a water based environmentally friendly product and will not harm pets. Also, as it dries quickly, normally animals walking on the surface are not a concern. We recommend children and pets are kept off the area until thoroughly dry.

What coverage can I expect from PICSCOAT?

This will depend on the porosity and texture of the surface and how PICSCOAT is applied, but normally coverage of between 2 and 3 m2 per litre can be expected when applying a two coat application. Therefore a 5ltr container is likely to cover between 10 -15m2 and a 20ltr container is likely to cover between 40 - 60m2.

Is it important to stir PICSCOAT?

Yes. PICSCOAT contains not only pigment but also a slip enhancing additive, which will settle at the bottom of the container. A thorough stir is therefore required to ensure that all material is mixed from the bottom of the container in order to get best results from the product. PICSCOAT can be stirred with a stiff stick or a broom handle (for the 20ltr containers). Alternatively a mixing paddle attached to an electric drill is much quicker and easier.

Do I have to use a roller?

No, you can use a soft broom or even a paint brush to apply PICSCOAT, but a roller is the easiest way, especially for larger areas. The Roller is part of the basic Application Kit.

Is it essential to use a water jet to clean the surface before applying PICSCOAT?

No, you can use a stiff broom and a hosepipe, but a water jet is much easier to use and you get a cleaner job in less time and with less effort. You can purchase a Water Jet from us if required.

Is it essential to use Fungicidal Wash?

No, although we would recommend it to remove any algae growth that may be present on some surfaces. You can purchase Fungicidal Wash from us if required

Is it essential to use Degreaser?

If the surface has oil stains then yes, otherwise no. Oil contaminants on the surface could produce a poor bond between the driveway and the PICSCOAT, resulting in possible failure. You can purchase Degreasant from us if required

How long will PICSCOAT last?

PICSCOAT is the perfect product to transform the look of any tired, faded, patched or stained tarmac surface. Take a before and after photo to see the difference for yourself. (You can also e-mail these to us to enter our monthly draw and possibly win a £50 prize)

PICSCOAT will dramatically improve the look of an existing driveway for many years. It is quite normal for the material to wear from the top of the stone aggregates as these small pieces are generally slightly proud of the surface bitumen matrix holding the aggregates together and they are also dense and smooth making it impossible for a coating to form a good mechanical key. (This is no different to the original bitumen binder wearing from the top of the aggregates on a brand new tarmac driveway). Wear from darker aggregates will be less apparent than similar wear from lighter colour aggregates. Generally the aggregates becoming noticeable is not a concern for PICSCOAT users as the tarmac area remains dramatically improved from the original.

The degree of wear on the tops of the aggregate will be dependent on their size and how much the original bitumen binder has been eroded. Greater erosion will increase stone exposure which in turn increases the wearing forces on the tops of the stones. PICSCOAT performs best on tarmac which has a fairly smooth and closed surface, constructed from larger, flatter and darker aggregates however, regardless of the type of aggregate or the condition of the original tarmac, PICSCOAT really does bring an area ‘back to black’, camouflages any unsightly stains or reinstatements and will massively transform the overall look and improve the ‘kerb appeal’ of the driveway and parking area of any home or commercial hardstanding.

To ensure best results from any PICSCOAT application:

  • Ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean, free from dirt, dust, loose or weakened material or surface contaminants such as oil.
  • Degrease as and where necessary.
  • Ensure the area is dry.
  • Thoroughly stir PICSCOAT and use neat, do not dilute with water.
  • After the initial coat to give the area a uniform and even colour, allow to become touch dry and then apply (sparingly) another (one or two) coats, to build up a thicker layer on the uppermost wearing surfaces of the tarmac. i.e. the aggregates.

I’ve finished my driveway and now it’s got tyre marks on it already

My driveway looks great then the first car leaves those tyre marks right up the drive! Don’t worry! It happens on all driveways, whether they are new tarmac, block paving, pattern imprinted concrete or new PICSCOAT. Give the area a bit of time and it’ll all be weathered uniformly and you won’t see those tyre marks. Even when it’s weathered your driveway will look totally different and a lot better than it did before.

Happy Customers

Applied my PICSCOAT yesterday. I was surprised that it was as easy as the dvd suggested and-yes- it does look absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much-will certainly be recommending to neighbours and friends.

- Vic Green, Barton on Humber

I don’t usually buy things online but the path and patio at our new home were shocking so I bought some PICSCOAT, cleaned the area, rolled it on, and now it looks great.

- Barry Timms, Harlow

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